• Compute your future H-index


    Scientists anxious about their future success can now costlessly get a glimpse of where they will stand in 10 years from now! As this Nature Comment explains (access restricted to subscribers), you can now use a simple formula to predict your future, (5- or 10-years into the future) H-index. Here is the online tool to apply it on yourself.

    If you are an economist, I suggest you replace the list of top journals (Nature, Science, Nature Neuroscience, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Neuron), by the 5 “core journals” (AER, Econometrica, REStud, JPE, QJE).

    If the results are great, let your colleagues know as soon as possible. If they are disappointing, just conclude this approach makes no sense. By the way, I got a 10-years prediction of 25…

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