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    As the end of the year approaches, let me post this reminder about the “Association Jean-Jacques Laffont“, of which I am currently the secretary.

    The Association Jean-Jacques Laffont’s aim is to provide scholarships to deserving students from developing and transition countries studying at the University of Toulouse. Created by his wife Colette in 2004, it actively commemorates the memory of Jean-Jacques Laffont in its most generous form. In the last years of his life, he spent much of his energy studying problems related to development, and during his career he supervised many students from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

    Since 2004, the Association Jean-Jacques Laffont has awarded eight scholarships to master 2 students at MPSE, from Pakistan, Cameroon and China among others.

    If you wish to contribute to the association, you can make a donation following the very simple guidelines shown here. Under the French fiscal rules, these donations qualify for tax cuts of up to 66% of the total amount. In addition, you can also help the association by passing the word around you. It is important to note 100% of the money collected is used to give scholarships. Of course, feel free to contact me if you want more details about the association.

    You can see some of Jean-Jacques laffont’s academic achievements here. Recently, the University of Southern California, to which he was also affiliated during his last years, created an experimental laboratory, LABEL, in his honor. It is good to see that he still inspires many among us.

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