• Samoa: bills left on the sidewalk


    Samoa just skipped a day, in search for large economic gains. Apparently, there were some bills left on the sidewalk, although some appear to disagree.

    “In doing business with New Zealand and Australia we are losing out on two working days a week,” Mr Tuilaepa said. “While it’s Friday here, it is Saturday in New Zealand and when we are at church on Sunday, they are already conducting business in Sydney and Brisbane.”

    One critic, Mata’afa Keni Lesa, editor of the Samoa Observer newspaper, said Samoans were increasingly concerned about whatever may emerge from the Prime Minister’s next “brilliant idea”.

    “Since he is capable of changing our constitution on any day of the week, we fear the day when we’re all going to wake up in a snowy country somewhere close to Russia,” he said.”

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