• Social scientists connecting with policy makers (1): the case for randomized controlled trials


    How do we convey the insights from sometimes technically complex research in the area of economic development to policy makers? How do we address the strategic challenges of providing advice, either directly or indirectly through international organizations such as the World Bank, think tanks, or even media dissemination? This is a notably difficult question for social scientists such as economists. I do not intend here to give a very general answer, but just point to examples of effective communication. Or so it seems to me.

    So for a start here is Esther Duflo in a TED talk on the power of randomized controlled trials, with a bit of emotion (and, if needed, subtitles in 25 languages on the TED site). Considering the space won both in the popular media and in institutional evaluation programs around the world, she sure seems to be a powerful communicator! Something to learn from.

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