• Forthcoming EUDN scientific meeting


    Next week, the European Development network (EUDN) organizes its annual scientific workshop in Paris (sponsored by the AFD, the French Development Agency). The opportunity to bring together the community of researchers working on development related issues, and to showcase the high-quality work done in European universities and research institutions. Here is the program:

    Scientific EUDN Conference Paris 2014 – Programme

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    • Highlights from the LACEA-LAMES conference in São Paulo


      From November 20 to 22, 2014, the LACEA (Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association) and LAMES (Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society) conference took place at the School of Economics, Business and Accounting at the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP).

      I attended a few sessions, so here are my own subjective highlights on topics of my interest (I have added links to pdf versions found on the web whenever possible):

      A few new empirical papers in the area of public procurement:

      – Stephan Litschig (IAE, Barcelona) presented MONITORING PUBLIC PROCUREMENT: EVIDENCE FROM A REGRESSION DISCONTINUITY DESIGN IN CHILE, from an ongoing experimental project with Maria Paula Gerardino, IADB and Dina Pomeranz, Harvard University.

      – Yusuf Neggers (Harvard University): CAN ELECTRONIC PROCUREMENT IMPROVE INFRASTRUCTURE PROVISION? EVIDENCE FROM PUBLIC WORKS IN INDIA AND INDONESIA (with Sean Lewis-Faupel, Wisconsin-Madison, Benjamin A. Olken, MIT; and Rohini Pande, Harvard University)

      – Dimitri Szerman (PUC-Rio and Climate Policy Initiative) presented DEMAND SHOCKS AND FIRM DYNAMICS: EVIDENCE FROM WINNERS AND LOSERS IN PROCUREMENT AUCTIONS, which is joint work with Frederico Finan, University of California, Berkeley and Claudio Ferraz, PUC-Rio.

      – Klênio Barbosa (São Paulo School of Economics – FGV) presented PARTY EXPERTISE, CAMPAIGN DONATION AND GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS: EVIDENCE FROM AN ELECTORAL EXPERIMENT (written with Paulo Arvate, School of Business – FGV and Eric Fuzitani, BrUsed).

      Then I also attended a session on field experiments:

      – Leonardo Bursztyn (UCLA Anderson) presented HOW DOES PEER PRESSURE AFFECT EDUCATIONAL INVESTMENTS? (with Robert Jensen)

      – Dean Karlan (Yale) presented a paper on pricing of pharmaceuticals: TO CHARGE OR NOT TO CHARGE: EVIDENCE FROM A HEALTH PRODUCTS EXPERIMENT IN UGANDA, joint with Greg Fischer, Maggie McConnell and Pia Raffler.

      Finally, I went to the superb theory session organized by Humberto Moreira:

      – Alessando Pavan (Northwestern University) presented TAXATION UNDER LEARNING BY DOING: INCENTIVES FOR ENDOGENOUS TYPES (With Miltos Makris)

      – David Martimort (Paris School of Economics) presented WHEN OLSON MEETS DAHL: FROM INEFFICIENT GROUP FORMATION TO INEFFICIENT POLITICAL PROCESS (with Perrin Lefebvre)

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