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I am a professor of economics at the Toulouse School of Economics, Arqade. My work revolves around the impact of physical and institutional infrastructure issues on the process of economic development. I also retain from 10 years of my life in Paraguay, some of which I recall in the book Frontières, a particular interest for that beautiful country in the heart of Latin America’s Southern cone. [...] Read more

  • PPPs en América Latina

    Categorie : economics paraguay


    He sido entrevistado por el semanario BUSQUEDA de Uruguay del 5 de febrero de 2015 sobre la situación de la infraestructura y el uso de los esquemas de participación público-privada [...] Read more…

  • Forthcoming EUDN scientific meeting

    Categorie : economics professional


    Next week, the European Development network (EUDN) organizes its annual scientific workshop in Paris (sponsored by the AFD, the French Development Agency). The opportunity to bring together the community of [...] Read more…

  • Highlights from the LACEA-LAMES conference in São Paulo

    Categorie : economics professional


    From November 20 to 22, 2014, the LACEA (Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association) and LAMES (Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society) conference took place at the School of [...] Read more…


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