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I am a professor of economics at the Toulouse School of Economics, Arqade. My work revolves around the impact of physical and institutional infrastructure issues on the process of economic development. I also retain from 10 years of my life in Paraguay, some of which I recall in the book Frontières, a particular interest for that beautiful country in the heart of Latin America’s Southern cone. [...] Read more

  • Liquidations à la grecque : un polar pour plonger dans la Grèce en crise

    Categorie : economics frontieres


    Pour moi, le polar de l’été (bon OK je n’en ai lu qu’un, mais quand même). Ca s’avale d’une traite et nous laisse avec l’envie d’enchainer immédiatement sur la suite [...] Read more…

  • Our horror trip with British Airways

    Categorie : frontieres professional


    It all started as we sat for 24h in Heathrow, after missing the Sao Paulo connection that was supposed to take me and the whole family to a month stay [...] Read more…

  • Inequality pre- and post taxes and transfers in Paraguay

    Categorie : economics paraguay


    I just love the following figure, which basically shows that in Paraguay, in sharp contrast with other countries in Latin America, taxes and transfers fail to improve the situation of [...] Read more…


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